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Water Systems - Residential Solutions

The recommended residential water system to be used in Guyana

  • Water mains fill the Ground Tank (A concrete tank built underground will fill much faster). Float Valve will prevent over flowing.
  • Automatic water systems fill OverHead Tank while supplying house.
  • When OverHead Tank is filled, Foat Valve will stop overflow and water system will continue to supply the house as required.
  • In the event of a power failure, check valve on OverHead Tank will open and continue to supply house, at a lower pressure, ofcourse.
  • When power is returned, the Automatic Water System will refill the OverHeat Tank.

Installing Storage Tanks

Unions and ball valves should be used to ease extraction, and even more so to prevent spillage especially when located indoors.

Concrete Reservoir

Note: Reservoirs should be constructed as far away as possible from sceptic tanks. If space is a problem, a contractor should build a reservoir in sheet of impermeable construction plastic.

Side view of underground reservoir with minimum showing above ground

To determine capacity: Length x width x depth = Cubic Feet x 7.48 = US gallons